Pier Caps Can Enhance the Beauty and Gracefulness of Your Home

To boost the aesthetics of your concrete or brick pier, pier caps are an easy and practical solution. You get an elegant look that adds instant appeal to your fence when you install caps at the top of the piers. Pier caps are obtainable in a huge range of sizes and styles, and you can also get wall capping that fit single or double brick walls.

Pier Caps Render Stylish Look to Your Home’s Exteriors

In order to give a brilliant finish, you definitely want to cap the brick wall by using some capping material. Have you found out why some houses look so appealing? Stunning pier caps are the precise reason behind it. These caps can render a sophisticated look to the exterior of your home and entirely augment the splendour of the posts.

Pier Caps Sydney

Pier Caps are Affordable & Available in Different Lovely Colours and Shapes

These days, there are some superior pier caps, which are available readily at extremely reasonable rates. They are obtainable in some amazing colours like off-white, light yellow and sandstone. These caps add a sense of beauty to the piers and are aesthetically delightful. These magnificent caps are available in a variety of classic shapes and dimensions. You can get a smooth finishing for your posts with the assistance of these caps. In composite stone, pier caps are found that comprises of varied designs and can be utilised in top pillars and posts.

Embellishing pier caps are accessible in diverse shapes such as pointed, light top, flat surface etc. The type of the pier caps installed will decide the overall look of the area and the utility of the pier. A basic pillar construction having a flat surface pier cap installed can be utilised as a cafe table. If you want to place something on a pier such as a planter, dishes or a decorative structure, flat caps serve the purpose well. In contrast, pointed pier caps are made only for enhancing the structural magnificence as it does not have any other utility.

If you’re looking to purchase stylish pier caps in Sydney then look no further than JCV who supplies a huge range of pier caps in diverse patterns and sizes to suit your exact needs.


Concrete Letterboxes – Designing Your One

Concrete Letterboxes

Do we really need a concrete letterbox or any other letterbox for that matter, in front of our house? In this age of instant communications, it is only logical to believe that letterboxes or no more required. But the facts suggest something else. The demand for letterboxes has not come down even a bit in Australia. Statistics reveal that even today, more than 90% of the Australian population prefers letterboxes to be hooked to the gate. It was then I realized that we still keep getting postal communications even today and that postal communications will not be wiped out completely even in the future. I myself keep clearing the mail box every day.

The demand to buy one

Of late, the demand for concrete letterboxes in Australia has increased substantially. Customized concrete letterboxes or mail boxes have grown in prominence all over the country. You can find a number of customized letterboxes for sale in various websites.

Concrete Letterboxes

You can choose any mailbox of your choice from a number of customized letterboxes displayed in the website. You can choose the best letterbox designs that will suit the look and feel of your house. Concrete letterboxes offer both style and functionality. You can be rest assured about its usability, security, appearance, and ease of installation. Concrete letterboxes provide a very strong base. After the curing is done, your mail box will become very strong and will be able to withstand high velocity winds. The concrete letterboxes can also withstand car door bumps.

The benefits

Concrete letterboxes are very easy to install. Here are some of the things that you need to do.

  • Concrete LetterboxesYou just need to dig a hole with a depth of about 40 inches.
  • The hole needs to be straight and the loose dirt needs to be removed. You need to mix two bags of concrete into the bottom of the hole and place the post on the hole.
  • Take the help of someone to hold the post as you shovel the remainder of the wet concrete around the base and fill the hole.
  • You then need to do some levelling to the post by holding the carpenter’s level on all four sides, gently coaxing the post into position.

What works?

Doing this may result in small gaps in the concrete around the post base. For this, you need to use your shovel to push wet concrete back against the post. You need to then hold the post in the right position till the concrete is cured enough to hold the post by itself. Though this process is not time taking, you need to take some precautions during the process. You should not shake the post to check if it is strong. Do not wiggle the post. Once the concrete becomes hard enough to hold the post, you can mix the remaining amount of concrete and pour it in the top of the hole in the same manner as you did before. Again leave it to cure. Once the process is done, your mail box is all set for use.

Useful Tips for Home Owners About Fence Installation

When you plan to buy a building that has a fence around it, choose one that boasts of strong barriers and can withstand bad weather conditions easily because fences often experience wear and tear due to natural calamities. Fences offer protection to homeowners and this is why they are considered to be a good choice. You may also need to consider reasons like maintaining privacy or to ensure that the toddlers of the house do not go out unguarded. Fences enhance a home’s beauty and give a definite shape to it.

Choose your Fence Material Carefully

One should consider the materials available when building a fence post and look into the advantages each one has to offer. One material which can be easily found and also looks good is Lumber even though most of its varieties are expensive, with some affordable ones also being available. Fences made of wood can deteriorate quite rapidly and may need to be maintained regularly. The wooden surface may have to be varnished, painted and stained from time to time and may also be protected from natural elements which vinyl, steel, concrete columns or even wrought iron fences needn’t.

So, what are the different materials that you can consider?

Vinyl fencing when compared to timber is more resilient and can stand up to heavy winds and rains and excessive heat. If your structure is built near the sea, then vinyl will be an ideal choice as it will be exposed to saltwater which will not be a problem for this material. Also it needs very little or almost no maintenance and is resistant to termites. You needn’t worry about discoloration and only need to use detergent and water to wash the fence periodically. Repainting is not an issue with vinyl fences and neither is corrosion.

If we talk about fences made of concrete columns, we will see that they cannot be infected by termites and are quite durable in nature. It can also resist fire and if damaged, can be easily fixed. One needn’t spend too much time maintaining it and does not break the foundation. Moreover, it can increase the value of your property and give you full safety.

You should go for a chain links fence posts only if you have pets in the house or wish to protect the home from trespassers and thieves as they are quite durable. One can also opt for materials like stone, galvanized steel or a combination of materials if they like. Fence posts were a popular option in the recent past though it is not as popular today for residential buildings.

Make sure to understand your requirements first before going in for a purchase. It is a good idea to consult an expert first if you are unsure. Your fence choices will also differ by whether you are building fences for your home or your office building. Building fences can be a tough job and in all probability, you would like the fence installation to be there for years.