Listen to The Music of Water

Stonewall fountains are also famous as façade or face fountains. The hot and dusty weather conditions of the East have led to the development of these Stone Wall Fountains or Outdoor Wall Fountains.

These fountains were inspired by the dot oasis in the desert landscape. These Outdoor Wall Fountains are replicas of the walls of Egyptian Tombs.

These wall fountains are designed for outdoors as well as indoors. In early times, the outdoor wall fountains were installed so that the eavesdroppers will not be able to listen to the private conversations inside anybody’s house. Greeks and Romans had outdoor wall fountains in their culture.

In early days only wealthy people could afford these, Stonewall fountains or Outdoor wall fountains. Thesewere made up of expensive materials like marble, bronze, limestone etc. The entire fountain system worked on gravitational force.

In Europe, the wall fountains were seen in the gardens of the monasteries. These fountains were adorned by decorative masks, which could easily hide the plumbing.

Today you can easily afford Outdoor wall fountains as well as stone wall fountains. There are different range of wall fountains available for the consumer. These are readymade and require a small installation procedure.

The wall fountains give a soothing and relaxing environment. The stone wall fountains are all time favourites of firms. Today these have taken different theme designs like antique, modern and agricultural.

Traditional designs like Lion Head are gaining importance. However people who are looking for an economical installation can choose the stone antique style.

For contemporary looks, Steel wall fountains are a good choice. They are reasonable and lightweight.

Outdoor wall fountains are beautiful and create a very robust environment. They blend with any theme and décor. You can choose from variety of materials like glass, steel, tiles, marbles and copper. There are various embossed designs and frosted engravings available.

Outdoor wall and stonewall fountains are definitely the best buy for your home décor. Create a soothing and natural atmosphere all around you. Experience the gusting of the water and cool breeze. It is definitely the best buy.


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