Concrete Letterboxes – Designing Your One

Concrete Letterboxes

Do we really need a concrete letterbox or any other letterbox for that matter, in front of our house? In this age of instant communications, it is only logical to believe that letterboxes or no more required. But the facts suggest something else. The demand for letterboxes has not come down even a bit in Australia. Statistics reveal that even today, more than 90% of the Australian population prefers letterboxes to be hooked to the gate. It was then I realized that we still keep getting postal communications even today and that postal communications will not be wiped out completely even in the future. I myself keep clearing the mail box every day.

The demand to buy one

Of late, the demand for concrete letterboxes in Australia has increased substantially. Customized concrete letterboxes or mail boxes have grown in prominence all over the country. You can find a number of customized letterboxes for sale in various websites.

Concrete Letterboxes

You can choose any mailbox of your choice from a number of customized letterboxes displayed in the website. You can choose the best letterbox designs that will suit the look and feel of your house. Concrete letterboxes offer both style and functionality. You can be rest assured about its usability, security, appearance, and ease of installation. Concrete letterboxes provide a very strong base. After the curing is done, your mail box will become very strong and will be able to withstand high velocity winds. The concrete letterboxes can also withstand car door bumps.

The benefits

Concrete letterboxes are very easy to install. Here are some of the things that you need to do.

  • Concrete LetterboxesYou just need to dig a hole with a depth of about 40 inches.
  • The hole needs to be straight and the loose dirt needs to be removed. You need to mix two bags of concrete into the bottom of the hole and place the post on the hole.
  • Take the help of someone to hold the post as you shovel the remainder of the wet concrete around the base and fill the hole.
  • You then need to do some levelling to the post by holding the carpenter’s level on all four sides, gently coaxing the post into position.

What works?

Doing this may result in small gaps in the concrete around the post base. For this, you need to use your shovel to push wet concrete back against the post. You need to then hold the post in the right position till the concrete is cured enough to hold the post by itself. Though this process is not time taking, you need to take some precautions during the process. You should not shake the post to check if it is strong. Do not wiggle the post. Once the concrete becomes hard enough to hold the post, you can mix the remaining amount of concrete and pour it in the top of the hole in the same manner as you did before. Again leave it to cure. Once the process is done, your mail box is all set for use.


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